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    Hillary Clinton’s plan to ‘vilify’ Trump by linking him to Putin was briefed to Obama and Biden before the election in 2016

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    Special Counsel John Durham, who was appointed to investigate the origins of why the FBI delved into the Russiagate fabrication, informed the American people on Monday of what they had independently deduced eight years prior.

    It took Durham 300 pages to conclude that betrayal of the American public and the destruction of their trust in government, media, and law enforcement occurred, but it was of no consequence.

    “Hillary Clinton’s plan to ‘vilify’ Trump by linking him to Putin was briefed to Obama and Biden before the election in 2016 – while the FBI and DOJ restricted investigations into her campaign,” the Daily Mail reported about the Durham report.

    Even after proving seditious collusion by the government, the media, and leftist activists who pushed the story about Russia to stop President Donald J. Trump and his administration, Durham seemed to minimize the damage that this criminal mafia did to the United States.

    Even though his report revealed criminal collusion between a former president, Barack Obama, and a current president, Joe Biden, he did not recommend any charges.

    According to Durham’s report, FBI agents failed to investigate allegations against Hillary Clinton. It described how the entire hoax was based on the craziest fake news fraud, which began with the Steele Dossier, which sounded more like an excerpt from Hunter Biden’s diary than anything Trump ever did.

    Even the most extreme far-left CNN correspondent, Jake Tapper, claimed on Monday that Durham’s report is “devastating” to the FBI and “partially” exonerates Trump.

    Evan Perez, CNN’s Justice Correspondent, concurred with Tapper that the report recommended no additional criminal charges beyond those already filed, which is ridiculous given that there has been only one conviction resulting from a costly investigation, Durham’s investigation into an altered email.

    “The stunning thing about this report is that we frankly knew a lot of this,” Perez said, noting how the 2019 report, “told us a lot of these findings that Durham is now confirming, frankly.”

    There is therefore nothing there but a colossal excuse for the government to continually harm the American people.

    “One of the reasons why Durham was brought on board was supposedly to go beyond what the inspector general of the Justice Department found in their investigation,” continued Perez, seeing a way to cover up for the FBI and their involvement:

    “One of the things they were supposed to do was to tell us a lot about what the intelligence community was doing,” Perez said. “It turns out they didn’t find very much there in the intelligence community, and certainly not to support the suspicions that they had that there was a cabal of people from the FBI and the intelligence community who were out to get Donald Trump. That appears to have fallen flat as part of this investigation.”

    Tapper did not elaborate on why he believed the Durham report to be “devastating,” but he did paraphrase a portion of it at one point, stating that Durham “is basically saying these are not criminal allegations, but he’s saying these were unprofessional and failed to meet the standards of the Justice Department and the FBI.”

    So, in the end, Durham, Bill Barr’s hand-picked representative, essentially admitted that yes, the government is colluding with the media and our top law enforcement is corrupt, but that’s just the way things are –’so move along.’

    Fox News announced Donald Trump’s response:

    “Former President Trump said Monday that former FBI Director James Comey and Democrats need to be held accountable for spending years investigating alleged collusion between Trump and Russia now that Special Counsel John Durham has released a report that says the Trump-Russia probe should never have been launched.

    “I, and much more importantly, then American public have been victims of this long-running and treasonous charade started by the Democrats — started by Comey,” Trump told Fox News Digital. “There must be a heavy price to pay for putting our country through this.”

    The Department of Justice and FBI “failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law” when they launched the Trump-Russia investigation, according to Durham’s report.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Trump said the activities surrounding the FBI’s original Trump-Russia investigation were “a total disgrace,” and said, “public anger over this report is at a level that I have not seen before. CONTINUE READING…

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