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    HILARIOUS: Trump imitates Biden Getting Lost On Stage; Crowd Goes Wild!

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    President Trump elicited laughter at a Thursday night rally in New Hampshire by imitating Joe Biden getting disoriented on stage and requiring assistance from handlers.

    “You would think at least one time he’d get up and say, ‘I’m running for president — where, where am I going, where the hell am I going?’” Trump joked, before stumbling around and frantically flapping his arms like Biden is frequently seen doing.

    Trump continued his impersonation of Biden on stage by saying, “I want to get out, no, over there, over there.”

    Then, when discussing Biden’s lackluster campaign announcement, Trump said that it was “a prepackaged video that took supposedly seven takes to get it right, if ‘right’ is what you want to call it. In it, he says he’s running because ‘Trump and MAGA pose a threat to democracy,’ can you believe it?”

    Here’s the video:

    A remarkable parallel comparison was made:

    Trump also stated that he would no longer refer to Hillary Clinton as “crooked” and would instead apply the term to Joe Biden in the future.

    Biden was observed repeatedly inquiring for directions and how to exit the stage while roaming the White House a day prior to Trump’s imitation:

    Summit News reported on the humiliating situation occurring in front of the leader of South Korea, allowing the entire world to see America led by a weak leader.

    While hosting the president of South Korea on Wednesday, Joe Biden spent the entire day wandering around aimlessly and asking his aides for directions.

    Biden attempted to conceal the fact that he had once again asked for directions on how to exit the podium, and then wandered around erratically, as if he were a patient in a nursing home:

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    And that wasn’t the first time he got lost and confused, wondering off in the wrong direction that day… CONTINUE READING…

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