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    Gutfeld Dominates Cable Ratings As He Announces New Book

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    In the wake of the network’s decision to sever ties with top-rated host Tucker Carlson, one Fox News personality has received some positive news. While the circumstances have not been favorable for Tucker Carlson or Fox News, they have been historic for popular co-host Greg Gutfeld.

    This month, Gutfeld announced the publication of a brand-new book, and both of his cable news programs, “The Five” and “Gutfeld!”, are dominating in the ratings. Gutfeld is purportedly moving to primetime as part of a network shakeup.

    The book, titled “The King of Late Night,” will be published on July 25 and describes how Gutfeld “destroyed the mainstream late-night landscape of heavyweights and became the host of the number one late night program on all of television.”

    Gutfeld appears to be the most popular Fox News presenter in terms of current viewership.

    “The Five” remains one of the most popular cable news programs, and his late-night comedy program “Gutfeld!” has been amassing record-breaking ratings.

    “The Five” was the most-watched cable news program on Monday night with an astounding 2.63 million total views. CNN’s “Lead with Jake Tapper” drew a dismal 547,000 total viewers at 5 PM ET, while Newsmax’s “Carl Higbie Frontline” attracted 259,000.

    Recently, insiders have also disclosed intriguing details regarding Carlson’s termination from Fox News in late April.

    According to Rolling Stone, network executives informed Carlson he was being fired as part of Fox News’ enormous $787.5 million defamation settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.

    “In the latest development to come three weeks after Carlson was removed from his role at the network on April 24, it has been reported that one of Fox Corp.’s eight board members was the one to tell the fired host that his ‘recent benching’ was the result of the secret condition in the Dominion settlement,” the outlet reported.

    The report continued: “According to Variety, the conversation between Carlson and the board member took place on April 26 – two days after the network announced Carlson’s involuntary departure from the company. The board member also reportedly told Carlson that the secret condition ensuring Carlson’s canning would not be found in any of the $787.5 million defamation settlement documents because it was a verbal agreement.”

    Dominion Voting Systems officials denied that a covert arrangement had been made.

    Following reports that Fox News is about to announce its “boldest and most fearless lineup ever,” rumors and speculation abound.

    Wednesday, the Drudge Report broke the news that Sean Hannity will replace Tucker Carlson at 8 p.m. ET. The host of “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Jesse Watters, will relocate from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET. “The Greg Gutfeld Show” will now air at 10 p.m. instead of 11 p.m.

    “If that new plan were to take place, that means Laura Ingraham’s “The Ingraham Angle” would lose its 10 PM time slot to Gutfeld. So where does she go? 11 PM ET? Maybe 7 PM ET?

    Fox News issued a statement contradicting the online rumors, stating, “No decision has been made on a new primetime lineup, and multiple scenarios are being considered.”

    Interestingly enough, Fox News issued another statement on the rumors of Ingraham, adding, “Reports based on various tweets by left-wing activists are wildly inaccurate — Laura Ingraham, the top-rated woman in cable news, is now and will continue to be a prominent host and integral part of the Fox News lineup.”

    Fox News’s statement merely refutes the allegations that Ingraham will leave the network. It did not specify whether or not she will maintain her 10 p.m. time period.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    The rumors about Ingraham began after news aggregator Matt Drudge shared a scoop detailing how Fox News will make a big shake-up following Tucker Carlson’s departure from the network. CONTINUE READING…

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