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    Guns Save Lives: Armed Citizen Takes Out Suspect During Robbery Attempt

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    Anti-gun leftists love to claim that there is never a time when a gun is good and useful, but there are innumerable stories to the contrary, including a recent incident in Michigan in which an armed citizen stopped an attempted armed robbery in its tracks.

    WSBT-TV reports that police in Cassopolis, Michigan, are investigating an alleged robber who was apprehended while attempting to loot a gas station with a knife.

    Unidentified suspect was shot after witnesses said he drew a knife and demanded money. The shooter was in possession of his concealed carry permit when police arrived on the scene.

    “The defendant, the armed robber … has been charged with armed robbery. Once he’s released from the hospital, he will enter the criminal justice system, where we will be seeking his extradition to the state of Michigan, where he faces life offense charges to two robberies,” said Victor Fitz, Cass County Prosecutor, WSBT reported.

    Harjinder Singh, an employee at a gas station, told WXMI-TV that the entire incident stunned him.

    He stated that the suspect entered the store and asked to use the restroom, but then walked to a corner, donned a mask, and demanded money while brandishing a knife.

    The next thing Singh knew, the suspect was on the ground after a loud explosion caused by a decent man with a gun.

    The suspect’s condition is stable, per the most recent report.

    If Michigan’s gun laws were more like those of New York, Illinois, or California, the putative thief may have been successful in this robbery.

    Nevertheless, tales of good guys with guns occur repeatedly in this country, demonstrating that a firearm in the right hands can protect lives and property from evildoers.

    Americans are increasingly refusing to be targets for criminals, and the increasing prevalence of concealed-carry laws helps them fight back. In June, for instance, a man in Las Vegas prevented a mass shooting attempt at a condominium complex near the Las Vegas Strip.

    A few weeks ago, a pizza deliveryman defended his life and property by drawing his legally owned firearm to prevent two armed criminals from stealing his money and vehicle.

    A month ago, a pregnant woman in a Little Rock, Arkansas parking garage used her own firearm to prevent two males from assaulting her husband and threatening her children.

    Contrary to the left’s claims that this is impossible without gun control, mass massacres have also been stopped.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    Then there was the civilian who stopped a man allegedly looking to perpetrate a mass shooting in an Indiana shopping mall. Also, in 2019, another lawful gun owner in Georgia quickly ended what was a potential mass shooting at a bar. CONTINUE READING…

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