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    GOP Senators Demand Mayorkas Resign or Be Impeached

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    The border crisis has been a source of contention between Republicans and President Joe Biden, and during a hearing on the subject, Sen. Ron Johnson attacked Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

    “You are failing miserably. Four to five million people, 1.4 million unknown gotaways, we have no idea who those people are, what kind of security they risk,” the senator said to him on Tuesday. “Do you not care? Do you not have just an ounce of human compassion for what your open border policy, the type of human depredations it is causing?”

    “Mr. Secretary, you ought to resign,” he said.

    In response, the secretary stated that the senator had mischaracterized the situation at the frontier.

    “The Senator mischaracterizes our policies with respect to the security of the southern border,” he said.

    On the same evening, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican, appeared on Fox News and attacked the secretary.

    “Mayorkas has facilitated the biggest child smuggling and trafficking operation in American history,” the senator said to host Laura Ingraham. “345,000 children have come across this border because of their policies. Where have they gone? They have lost track of them. Where have they gone? Right into the hands of smugglers who are now making them work overnight shifts in factories. They are making them pay them back for the smuggling fees. It is modern-day slavery. It is child labor. This administration is facilitating it. You played the clips. They don’t care.”

    “They don’t care at all,” the senator said. “It’s all about the open-border mania. They are willing to sacrifice kids into a life of slavery if that serves their purpose to have an open border. Here’s the other dirty little secret. They are happy to work with these global multinational corporations who don’t want to pay American workers. They don’t want to pay legal immigrants. They’ll take child labor because they don’t have to pay them. So they’re happy to do that. They’ll take the child labor. The administration is happy to give them the child labor rather than pay American workers an honest salary.”

    “Out of those 345,000 kids who have come across the border unaccompanied in just the last couple of years, the Biden administration has completely lost track of almost 90,000 of them,” he said. “So that’s how it’s going. 90,000 kids. They don’t even know where they are. It’s a joke. There’s no enforcement. They haven’t reunited any kids with their families and they are not even trying to, Laura. They don’t care. They are willing to do anything to see the border wide open. If that means kids in slavery, the’re there for it.”

    “He will have to be impeached,” he said. “That’s the short answer. The House of Representatives will impeach him and that will send a message… We have to send a clear signal that if you are not willing to enforce the law and you are endangering children and sending them to slavery, we are not going to stand for it in the United States of America.”

    In recent weeks, Republican demands for the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have increased due to a new controversy involving a problematic app developed by the Biden administration for migrants.

    “The overwhelming majority of requests made by migrants for an exception to the Title 42 public health order using the recently-expanded CBP One app have been accepted, with 99% of migrants being found to have met the criteria — just as the app continues to face scrutiny from both the left and the right,” Fox News reported Saturday.

    In January, the Biden administration expanded the app’s scope to include migrants seeking an exemption from Title 42. This public health order, which was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, allows for the swift removal of migrants at the southern border, according to the news source.

    Migrants can use the CBP One app to submit information, including a photo, and schedule an appointment at a port of entry to request an exemption from the Title 42 order. This order will likely expire the following month. The Biden administration has asserted that the app is essential for establishing a secure, well-organized, and compassionate border process, and that it discourages illegal immigration between ports of entry, according to the report.

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    Conservative Brief:

    “The CBP One app is an innovative solution we are using to facilitate the safe and orderly arrival of noncitizens who believe they meet certain vulnerability criteria and are requesting a humanitarian exception to the CDC’s Title 42 Order,” Mayorkas said in January, Fox News reported. CONTINUE READING…

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