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    GOP. Rep Jim Jordan Blindsides Everyone With Announcement Nobody Saw Coming

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    The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan, criticizes the Department of Justice for giving Hunter Biden “preferential treatment” and handling the matter in a “ridiculous” manner.

    Jordan disputed on “Fox Across America” with Jimmy Failla that Joe Biden had never discussed business with his son Hunter’s colleagues.

    “He attended two dinners with business associates and individuals. They conduct business with whatever the enterprise was. He is at a dinner with Elena Baturina, the Russian oligarch and richest lady in Russia, who is worth over $1 billion. “He didn’t just drop by, and he didn’t just call in; he spent the entire dinner there with Hunter Biden, Devin Archer, and other business associates,” Jordan fumed.

    Therefore, their narrative from the Bidens continues to evolve. The Justice Department of Garland continues to alter its narrative. But do you know whose narrative has remained the same? A couple of weeks ago, the two informants stepped forward. Their testimony and narrative have been consistent. An FBI agent has validated its authenticity. He continued, “I’m inclined to believe them over the Justice Department and the White House.”

    “My conclusion is that nothing has changed at the Justice Department. Crossfire Hurricane, John Durham told us how terrible it was and that it was all a lie. He informed us that their intelligence indicated that the entire Trump-Russia narrative originated with the Clinton campaign. “Therefore, the intelligence is sufficiently credible that he briefed the president, the vice president, the attorney general, and the FBI director,” Jordan explained.

    “Jim Comey does not share this memo with the case’s agents.” I mean, how incorrect is that? And now we arrive at this circumstance. A whistleblower has revealed that they were denied access to information they were entitled to. Hunter Biden received special treatment, preferential treatment, and this case was handled in an absurd manner.

    “This is the key conclusion for me. Nothing has changed at the Justice Department, which is why the appropriations process and our insistence that FISA not be reauthorized in its current guise are so crucial, concluded the Ohio congressman.

    Jordan stated at the end of July that the GOP’s investigation into the Biden family’s finances has entered a “important final stage” as they investigate the family’s receipt of more than $17 million in foreign funds. In addition, they are investigating the alleged’special treatment’ of Hunter Biden by the Justice Department in the ongoing criminal investigation into the president’s son for tax and firearm-related offenses.

    Jordan’s remarks coincide with a recent explosive claim that the president attended at least 24 meetings with Hunter’s business associates, including Devon Archer, despite the White House’s insistence that he has never been involved in his son’s business affairs. House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer will hear Archer testify that Joe spoke to Hunter’s business associates at least 24 times, including those at the Ukrainian oil company Burisma.

    20 distinct shell companies, nine distinct Bidens receiving compensation. What were the service, the product, and the added value? The only logical explanation is access to Vice President Biden at the time.” Jordan told Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo.

    Jordan responded that the consideration of articles of impeachment against Attorney General Merrick Garland was “a question for the entire conference.”

    He added that “evidence keeps piling up,” adding that “the speaker has been very clear; Speaker McCarthy has said if we have to go to an impeachment inquiry, we will, in fact, do that.”

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    ‘It sure looks like we’re moving in that direction at a quick pace, but that’s a question for the full conference.’ CONTINUE READING…

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