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    GOP Lawmakers: The Rift Between MTG and Boebert Is Much Worse Than Anyone Thinks

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    A new report describes the rift between Republican Representatives. The distance between Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is widening daily.

    “A fistfight could break out at any moment,” Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee said, according to the Daily Beast.

    Burchett, who self-identified as a “professional wrestling fan,” appeared perplexed by the situation.

    “I am friends with both of them. It’s entertaining to think that a fistfight could break out at any movement. I kind of dig that,” he said.

    Greene called Boebert a “little b***h” in a well-recounted episode on the House floor after alleging that Boebert tried to steal Greene’s thunder on the subject of impeaching President Joe Biden.

    Greene’s expulsion from the House Freedom Caucus, which Boebert allegedly aided in facilitating, was the second significant issue addressed in the Daily Beast report. Boebert refused to comment on her Freedom Caucus vote regarding Greene’s removal.

    The report also claimed that Montana Republican Representative Matt Rosendale was a driving force behind Greene’s ouster, which he denied.

    “I will tell you that’s false,” he said about being a leader to oust Greene. “That premise is false.”

    When pressed about the vote to remove her, Greene resisted.

    “Dude, do you do anything besides report on complete drama and bulls**t?” she said. “No, I’m serious.”

    Newsweek reported last week that Boebert supported several of Greene’s amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act, all of which ultimately failed.

    However, the Daily Beast cited anonymous sources as saying that tensions are increasing.

    “You can’t have too many of these rifts for too long,” what the site said was a Republican legislator said.

    One unidentified Republican lawmaker, according to an unnamed source cited by the Daily Beast, stated that the battle will reach its conclusion.

    “They will be nailing that coffin shut, and one of them is still in there kicking and screaming,” the unnamed source said.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    Republican Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona called the rift a “two-way sword.” CONTINUE READING…

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