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    GOP Doctor: Biden Has Classic Sign of Dementia – But There’s Something More Obvious on the Outside

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    GOP Rep. Greg Murphy, a licensed M.D., doesn’t think President Joe Biden is mentally fit or “running the show,” instead acting as “a puppet for a progressive left committee.”

    However, he does so while appearing younger than his actual age.

    In an interview with Fox Business this week, the congressman from North Carolina stated that Biden is displaying the telltale signs of aging, but is also obviously attempting to combat these signs, at least externally, through plastic surgery.

    Murphy’s appearance followed the most recent admission that all is not well within the White House, this time from Axios, hardly a bastion of anti-Biden skepticism among conservatives.

    In an article published on Monday, Alex Thompson alleged that “Biden’s temper is so volatile that advisers avoid meeting with him alone. Some use a coworker as a shield against a solitary attack.”

    “The private eruptions paint a more complicated picture of Biden as a manager and president than his carefully cultivated image as a kindly uncle who loves Aviator sunglasses and ice cream,” Thompson wrote — although, just to placate the liberal-leaning Axios audience, he assured readers that “Biden’s temper comes in the form of angry interrogations rather than erratic tantrums.”

    In other words, despite the fact that angry outbursts can be a sign of dementia, there are no symptoms of dementia present. Biden does not exhibit irrational eruptions.

    You know, similar to the one Biden had here during his January 2022 speech:

    Okay, I suppose such a thing could occur once. It’s not as though these outbursts are frequent, as they are in this compilation of frequent, furious Biden outbursts compiled by Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA:

    Not erratic. Within the confines of closed doors. Right.

    According to his congressional biography, Murphy is also a urological surgeon and former chief of the Division of Urology at the East Carolina University School of Medicine.

    He stated that it was evident that while Biden had attempted to halt the symptoms of outward decline — something that had been rumored for quite some time — the internal mental decline would only worsen.

    “Let’s look at Joe. He’s had so much plastic surgery, so much botox, so much filler,” Murphy told Fox Business News host Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday.

    “That’s on the outside. I deal in a surgical field that has a lot of older patients and so I have seen patients through the years decline mentally — it’s just a fact, it’s what happens.”

    “It’s what happens. And the fact that these outbursts now are happening — which again, remember, he was going to be the most gentle and [genteel] president ever — the fact that he’s having these labile emotional swings, outbursts to his staff, really speaks a form of dementia that has that. You can’t control your emotions, or if you can’t get the words out you want to, you become very frustrated.”

    Note: In the video, Murphy actually pronounced the words as “most gentle and gentile president ever,” but we’re going to assume it was either a slip of the tongue or the product of a North Carolina drawl. Since the United States has never had a Jewish president, proving which was the most “gentile” would be a rough game. The Western Journal has reached out to Murphy’s office for clarification.)

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    “This is all a picture of this,” Murphy continued. “I mean, come on. Let’s just be honest: The guy’s not fit for office. He never was fit for office and he surely would not be fit for another five years.” CONTINUE READING…

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