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    Geraldo Reveals Next Stop on His Liberal Media Outlet Tour After Being Fired from Fox

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    Geraldo Rivera’s post-Fox tour made a stop Thursday night with former CNN employee Chris Cuomo.

    Earlier in the day, Rivera appeared on “The View” to reiterate what numerous news outlets had already reported: that there was tension on the set of “The Five.”

    Rivera said he had a “very toxic relationship with another of the cast members” on “The Five,” but he declined to name any names.

    Cumo asked Rivera during his appearance why he departed Fox. Rivera responded that the situation was actually reversed, according to NewsNationNow.

    “Fox left me. They fired me from the number one rated show ‘The Five.’ After they fired me, I said, ‘Well, wait a second. You know, I don’t want to work here anymore.’ If you are firing me from the number one show, what are you going to do?” he said, according to Deadline.

    “After they fired me, they gave me a plethora of options, other programs I could do … but I said, ‘No, I don’t want to do that,’” Rivera said, according to NewsNationNow.

    Although Rivera promoted his appearance on social media, some said they would be able to refrain from viewing, writing, “I won’t be watching;” “You’ll fit right in there;” and “I’ll pass.”

    Rivera informed Cuomo that his April criticism of Tucker Carlson, whom Fox fired, was the turning point.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    “When Tucker Carlson came up with his bizarre notion that Jan. 6 was an inside job, that it was federal informants who were causing trouble, that it wasn’t the insurrection that the rest of us saw, I said that that was a bunch of BS. I called BS on it,” Rivera said, according to The Wrap. CONTINUE READING…

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