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    Geraldo Accidentally Gives the Game Away on Biden Bribery Bombshell, Reveals What Dems Have in Store

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    Geraldo Rivera has been a comedy for a longer period of time than he was a journalist, so it may come as a surprise that he broke news on Wednesday.

    But when the Fox News contributor took to Twitter to debunk the story that the FBI may have evidence that now-President Joe Biden was on the take during his time as vice president, Rivera provided a glimpse of the Democrats’ probable strongest defense.

    And Americans should not for a second believe it.

    Rivera’s post was published shortly after the news that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer had issued a subpoena requiring FBI Director Christopher Wray to turn over information regarding allegations that Biden “engaged in a bribery scheme with a foreign national.”

    Sen. Chuck Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Oversight Committee and a seasoned senator with a reputation for bipartisanship, joined Comer in his letter to the FBI

    (In fact, as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the confirmation hearings for now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Grassley was probably gracious to a fault when it came to the obscene depths Democrats sank to try to sandbag the appointment. But in retrospect, Grassley probably kept the attempted character assassination on a national stage from getting even worse.)

    “Not Uncle Joe!” was the gist of Rivera’s response.

    “Does anybody really believe President Joe Biden was involved in a criminal bribery scheme?” he wrote. “Dollars to donuts it’s another bogus, blowhard, pretend whistleblower.

    “Hint: If the person announcing a would-be criminal scheme is a partisan politician, it’s a partisan political event.”

    It would likely come as a surprise to Rivera and his fellow left-leaning Americans today, but anyone who has followed the Biden family with anything other than blind partisan support would have no trouble believing it’s entirely possible that the man who is now president received money from foreign sources in exchange for preferential treatment from the United States government.

    In March, Comer revealed that virtually the entire Biden family was profiting from the Chinese energy behemoth CEFC because of the Biden name, including Hallie Biden, widow of Biden’s late first son Beau, and ex-lover of the infamous Hunter Biden.

    Prior to his new career as a “artist” who sells his works more for the name in the signature than for any intrinsic or aesthetic value, Hunter Biden made a career out of various cons, including holding a seat on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma despite having no background in energy or knowledge of the Ukrainian language.

    Then there’s Joe himself, the presumed “big guy” set to receive a 10 percent cut of a contract Hunter was negotiating with CEFC in 2017.

    And these are only a handful of the countless examples that have been documented over the years — much of it thanks to the evidence on the Hunter Biden laptop that was so successfully concealed from the American public by the establishment media and the lords of social media in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

    According to Geraldo’s remark, Democrats and their media allies in the establishment will bet on this ongoing cover-up.

    It is based on the fact that liberal media outlets, celebrities, and other influential figures have spent years attempting to transform the doddering, almost certainly corrupt Joe Biden into a figure that Americans can trust to look out for their interests and country.

    Essentially, Rivera asked, who will believe Joe Biden is a criminal after so many people spent so much time and money convincing Americans that he’s a tenacious Joey from Scranton who made good?

    It turns out, of course, that there are already a substantial number of Americans who hold this view, as evidenced by the overwhelming response to Geraldo’s tweet. A subpoena such as the one issued by Comer on Wednesday is required due to the blatant differences in the administration of “justice” based on party affiliation.

    As one Twitter user expressed it, “This will not end well”:

    Former President Donald Trump was relentlessly persecuted by the establishment for far less justification than this.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    The Democratic-Hillary Clinton-financed “Russia collusion” hoax dogged Trump’s presidency from before it started to the ignominious end of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. CONTINUE READING…

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