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    GA Judge Has Already Made First Major Ruling In Trump Case

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    In Georgia, former President Donald Trump is engaged in yet another court battle. On charges related to the 2020 election, Trump and 18 others were indicted last night, including Trump’s counsel Rudy Giuliani, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, and several of Trump’s advisors.

    The allegations are being referred to as a “racketeering case,” with The New York Times claiming that the Trump campaign’s actions while traveling to Georgia to expose ballot irregularities constituted a “criminal enterprise” attempting to “reverse the results” of the election.

    Trump’s upcoming court appearance may be unique, however, due to Georgia’s laws regarding courtroom cameras. When deciding whether to permit cameras, Georgia law permits judges to consider the parties’ consent, concerns for the safety of those participating in proceedings, and the effect on due process.

    NBC News reported:

    In 2018, the Georgia Supreme Court, in an order amending the law to include smartphones, emphasized the significance of open courtrooms: “Open courtrooms are an essential component of an effective and respected judicial system.

    In contrast to federal and Manhattan courts, where the former president appeared for his three previous arraignments, Georgia law requires the judge’s sanction before allowing cameras into court proceedings. The presiding judge has ultimate authority over camera access. Rule 22 requires media organizations to submit a formal request for the judge’s consideration. The filing is frequently viewed as a mere formality, as requests are nearly always granted.

    If Trump is brought into a Georgia courtroom, it is probable that the proceedings will be broadcast live on television, and it is possible that the entire proceedings will be broadcast, which would be a first.

    The NBC News coverage continued:

    “It is the policy of Georgia’s courts to promote access to and understanding of court proceedings not only by the participants in them but also by the general public and by news media who will report on the proceedings to the public.”

    If the former president is indicted and required to travel to Atlanta for a personal arraignment, the world would likely see him for the first time on camera as a defendant standing before a judge and entering a plea. Prior to his arraignment, only a scattering of photographs have been permitted in the New York City courtroom. And there is no video of Trump or his attorneys using the phrase “not guilty.”

    In the case, the enthusiastic use of cameras by Georgia has already been demonstrated.

    Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis waited over two years to file the allegations, despite the fact that the 2020 election occurred years ago.

    Willis’ investigation into whether Trump and his allies violated the law in Georgia in an attempt to prove that the election results were tainted has disregarded the tainted factors and alleges that Trump and his team attempted to alter the election results themselves. As this proceeding unfolded in Fulton County Superior Court, it was also captured on television.

    NBC News observed:

    The seating of the special grand jury convened to investigate election interference was documented by cameras. Earlier this year, Judge Robert McBurney permitted cameras inside a contentious hearing to determine whether or not the Special Purpose Grand Jury’s report would be made public.

    As Willis proclaimed the indictment, she was ecstatic, and it was evident that she would use the cameras to her advantage.


    Already last month, cameras were present during the selection of the grand jury that will hear Willis’ case against Trump.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    McBurney, who has overseen most of the proceedings related to Willis’ investigation into election interference, is particularly media savvy. Many of his hearings, including those regarding the Trump investigation, have been live-streamed on his YouTube channel. CONTINUE READING…

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