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    Furious Business Puts Up Sign saying “No Sales To Trump Supporters”

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    A Supreme Court decision based on the Constitution of the United States of America is, in the opinion of those who have not read the Constitution, an attack on those who seek to impose their beliefs on the entire nation.

    Despite the fact that those who observed the proceeding could see the writing on the wall, a recent Supreme Court ruling is confronting such opposition. In 2018, the Supreme Court heard a similar case involving a baker who refused to create a cake for a same-sex wedding. Axios states:

    At the time, the court remanded the case, but indicated that business owners with religious objections to same-sex marriage were likely to prevail in the end.

    Now, the case of Lorie Smith, a Colorado web designer who designs and sells wedding websites but did not want to design for same-sex couples, has reached the Supreme Court, which last week ruled 6-3 in favor of Smith, stating that she has a First Amendment right to refuse to design custom wedding websites for same-sex couples.

    Despite the fact that the ruling was founded on the Constitution, the LGBTQ+ community reacted swiftly and vehemently to the decision.

    The Biz Pac Review states:

    Left-wingers received a stark reminder that elections have consequences, especially when it comes to the Supreme Court, and some are throwing tantrums against supporters of former President Donald J. Trump, who appointed three of the conservative justices who ruled in favor of Lorie Smith, a Christian graphic designer from Colorado who did not want to design websites for same-sex weddings.

    Trump appointees Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett were part of the 6-3 majority that ruled the state of Colorado violated Smith’s First Amendment rights by attempting to force her to create websites for homosexuals in violation of its anti-discrimination law despite her religious beliefs, a ruling that has been falsely portrayed by the left as an assault on the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

    While leftists, including the openly gay Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, launched a smear campaign to suggest that Smith is a liar, others resorted to banning conservatives from their businesses, with an image of one sign going viral on social media, where it sparked a lively discussion.

    The posted sign does not express hatred for the Constitution or the Supreme Court, but rather for the foremost candidate for president in 2024:


    Another sign on the same window attempted to bully the Christian religion, reading, “WE ONLY SELL TO CHURCHES THAT FLY A PRIDE FLAG.”

    Twitter users reacted swiftly to the presumably self-defeating message of the business owner who, in order to make a political statement, would alienate potential customers and lose money.

    One user, defending the signs, suggested that at least a portion of the reaction was due to LGBTQ+ people being denied service, a narrative concocted by leftists, including President Joe Biden, who last month claimed without providing specific examples that gay people were being kicked out of restaurants, according to Biz Pac review.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    “I guess gay people are sick and tired of being refused business for being gay. I personally think it’s stupid for both sides to do this,” wrote the user whose Twitter bio identifies himself as a former Trump supporter. CONTINUE READING…

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