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    Fox Producer Tells O’Keefe Media That Tucker Was Fired As Part of Dominion Deal

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    James O’Keefe, who departed Project Veritas and founded the O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), published a hidden-camera video on Monday night that may shed light on the Fox News scandal involving former host Tucker Carlson.

    A journalist working undercover for the O’Keefe Media Group spoke with Sean Langille, a Fox News producer, who claimed that Tucker Carlson was fired from the network as part of the settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion filed a $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox, alleging that the network defamed the company with statements about voting systems.

    The undercover journalists and public figures in O’Keefe’s videos are unaware that they are being recorded and that their remarks may come back to haunt them.

    Below is an excerpt from a conversation with a Fox News producer:

    O’KEEFE: OMG News has obtained explosive footage of a Fox News producer discussing Tucker Carlson’s departure, the Dominion settlement, and the impact of advertisers… on the embattled network.

    FOX PRODUCER SEAN LANGILLE: They gave them [Dominion] money. They say it wasn’t part of it. But we’re learning that Tucker getting fired was part of that.

    UNDERCOVER REPORTER: Tucker getting fired was part of the Dominion lawsuit? Well, so did Tucker leave, or did you guys part ways, or Tucker was ousted?

    LANGILLE: Yeah, he was ousted. Well, he brought up things that cost the company a lot of money…That, that was part of it. He was going to go after this whole thing about January 6 was… It was an inside job. He went after this guy Ray Epps, he said he was an FBI agent on the inside…. And basically encouraged it. He was going to go on the air and refute what that guy said on 60 Minutes.

    This week’s 8 p.m. ET primetime slot previously occupied by Tucker Carlson will be occupied by a different presenter, as announced by Fox News over the weekend.

    This week, Will Cain, co-host of “Fox & Friends Weekend,” will take over the time slot, according to a new report. The show is presently titled “Fox News Tonight” since Carlson was fired from the network last month.

    The network’s potential replacement for Carlson’s time slot is the subject of persistent rumors.

    Who Will Replace Tucker Carlson at Fox News? ” was the title of a report by Mediaite. Here Are Mediaite’s Top Picks,” in which staff members compiled a roster of prospective hosts who could fill Carlson’s coveted 8 PM time slot.

    In its report, Mediaite suggested that Fox News could simply switch Watters, Ingraham, and Hannity to the 8 p.m. time slot and tryout a new host in a later time slot. Thus, a more experienced host would merely assume Carlson’s position on the network.

    In the event that Fox News retains the primetime hosts in their current time slots, Mediaite has suggested the following six candidates to replace Tucker Carlson:

    Greg Gutfeld — who hosts “The Five” and his late-night comedy show “Gutfeld!”

    Tulsi Gabbard — a former Democratic lawmaker and 2020 presidential candidate

    Kayleigh McEnany — former press secretary in the Trump administration

    Brian Kilmeade — a longtime host and figure at Fox News

    Pete Hegseth — a co-host and contributor at Fox News

    Jesse Watters — who hosts “The Five” and his own primetime show

    Time will tell what Fox News decides to do, but the dismissal of Tucker Carlson sparked a social media firestorm this week.

    On Monday, Carlson received a phone call from CEO Suzanne Scott informing him that he had been dismissed. According to reports, Carlson was “blindsided” by the news.

    According to an Independent report, Carlson was fired as he was negotiating a new contract that would have kept him at the network through 2029.

    Now, a former Fox News host believes he understands why Carlson was fired.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    During an interview with Chris Cuomo of News Nation, Bill O’Reilly — the former Fox News host who previously occupied the coveted primetime 8 PM time slot — argued that he believes Carlson was fired because the network is facing a slew of lawsuits related to the 2020 election. CONTINUE READING…

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