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    Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Shares Personal Mother’s Day News With Fans

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    In a Mother’s Day interview, Fox News host Laura Ingraham, whose name has been mentioned as a potential replacement for Tucker Carlson’s former prime-time slot, shared some heartwarming and touching news with her admirers.

    The Restoring America column of the Washington Examiner reported that Ingraham “discussed her children, her battle with cancer, and the lessons she learned from her late mother, Anne Caroline Ingraham.”

    “You think that kids when they get older, it’s easier. And to some extent it is,” said the Ingraham Angle host told the outlet.

    But, she added, “The challenges and concerns in many ways get bigger … whether it’s school, or navigating romance, or social media — those kinds of things.”

    Ingraham became a mother in 2008 when she adopted a Guatemalan girl. During the interview, she reminisced about her daughter’s 18th birthday, which had occurred just one day prior to the interview.

    “I felt so emotional because it was five minutes ago, it seems when we picked her up from Guatemala,” she recalled. “She was turning three a couple of days after she came to the United States in 2008. And that was the first — it was her first birthday in the United States and my first Mother’s Day.”

    She added that it was “terrifying” to witness her daughter’s apparent rapid development.

    “Honestly, it’s just — it’s terrifying,” she said. “But it’s funny, every stage of being a mom, it’s obviously different.”

    “It almost does get better as time goes on,” the Fox News host detailed. “For me, I mean, you can really have real conversations with them, and you can share more of life with them. And our relationship has gotten better and better as time has gone on.”

    “I’m so thankful for that,” she added.

    She acknowledged that, as her daughter grew older, she and her daughter “butted heads” as parents and children often do. “However, I’m currently concluding my program at night, her light is still on, and we’re chatting and gossiping about her day. The same applies to me. And we’re simply having joy,” she said.

    “I’m dreading her going to college and not having that,” Ingraham told the outlet. “It’s going to be sad for me.”

    On her daughter’s birthday, Ingraham revealed: “I got so many texts from people who said, ‘You did such a great job. And she’s such a wonderful young lady, and she’s so helpful,’ and that made me — they took all my doubts that I had about how to do things differently. And It just kind of washed it all away.”

    “I just feel blessed. I think every day I thank God for these children. More so than anything,” she noted further.

    If her daughter decides to become a mother one day, Ingraham said she hopes she imparted certain values and principles in her, such as the importance of patience and the efficacy of prayer.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “I know my kids are good, and I think she will make those a part of her daily life. To take the time to breathe and thank God for everything,” she said. CONTINUE READING…

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