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    Fox News Has Banned Employees from Saying One Particular Word On-Air: Report

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    A prominent conservative author and editor claims to have inside information indicating that Fox News has banned the use of a particular word during broadcasts by staff, on-air talent, and others.

    Or, specifically, a name: Tucker Carlson.

    According to Carlson’s biographer and contributing editor for The Spectator, Chadwick Moore, this is the case.

    “Fox News employees have told me privately that all on-air talent have been banned from saying the name ‘Tucker’ on air,” he tweeted.

    “I’m not allowed on Fox anymore, because I wrote a book about @TuckerCarlson. I’ve been banned from the network,” Moore added in a subsequent tweet.

    He elaborated in a series of subsequent posts, some of which were in response to queries and comments from other users. In another tweet, he stated that he had also been “disinvited” from Fox late-night host Greg Gutfeld’s program, where he was scheduled to appear on Wednesday.

    “This is FACT: Fox News has a new policy (aside from banning me): they won’t plug any book from a guest unless it was published by HarperCollins. You can’t be a guest on Fox unless you’re a Fox author…it’s all so hilarious and grotesque. Fox News will not let you promote your book unless your book is published by Fox News,” he wrote in another post.

    He then added: “Some Fox News people texted me tonight, re: my tweets. They were pissed off and petty. I don’t care. I think I wrote a good book. I’m proud of it.”

    In a separate post, Moore responded to a user who questioned whether some of the network’s other talents were “as principled as they always appear to be.”

    Moore responded, “No, they are not. I can guarantee you that.”

    In response to another user who suggested that in times of turmoil, “you sure find out who your friends are and were just pretending to be your friends,” Moore wrote: “Well, I’ve been canceled by liberal corporate media and now I’m canceled by corporate ‘conservative’ media. I think I’ll be fine. I couldn’t care less.”

    Moore stated that it was the tweet in which he announced that he had been disinvited from Gutfeld’s program that allegedly prompted some Fox hosts to respond angrily.

    Moore claimed in a brief video posted to his account last week that despite denials from Fox and Dominion Voting Systems, Carlson’s firing was part of the massive defamation settlement reached with the company the previous month.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    Rolling Stone magazine reported something similar in a story published last week. CONTINUE READING…

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