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    Former NYC Police Chief Speaks Out, Lays Blame For High Crime On Bragg

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    Alvin Bragg, the far-left Manhattan district attorney, has been blamed by a former New York City police commissioner for the rise in crime and violence in the city.

    In an interview with Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly praised Republicans for holding field hearings near Bragg’s office in the city earlier this week and claiming that the district attorney “is a major contributor to” the rising crime rates.

    “I liked the hearing. I liked the fact that victims of crime can speak directly to politicians. They avoid that as much as they possibly can. But yes, Chairman Jordan (R-OH) was right on target as far as police officers being treated with such disrespect throughout the country,” he told Maria Bartiromo.

    “[Y]ou walk along the streets of New York, you can see how much the quality of life has deteriorated. And that’s why people are leaving. It’s right there. You can see it plain as day,” he added.

    Bartiromo responded: “To what do you attribute that to, the increase in crime and the resignation increase?”

    “Well, I attribute it to the administration, certainly, the administration of Bill de Blasio. He set the tone, so to speak. Mayor [Eric] Adams has not done the things, in my opinion, that would significantly reduce crime, bring back the anti-crime units, do stop, question, and frisk in a more active way,” Kelly continued.

    “I think he’s trying to get the subways back. But that’s another — that’s a challenge. So, I think it really has to do with — certainly, Alvin Bragg is a major contributor to this because the other district attorneys in New York City follow the lead of the Manhattan district attorney,” Kelly said.

    A federal judge has denied Bragg’s request to prevent a former prosecutor in his office from testifying about the criminal case against former President Donald Trump before the House Judiciary Committee.

    “The committee and its chairman, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), had subpoenaed ex-assistant district attorney Mark Pomerantz to give testimony about the DA’s investigation into Trump, 76, that culminated in the former president’s indictment in March. Bragg filed suit against Jordan and the Judiciary Committee, claiming the subpoena was an overreach by the GOP-led House and an attempt to influence a state criminal proceeding,” the New York Post reported.

    “But Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil found the subpoena was issued with a valid legislative purpose and that it was not the role of the federal judiciary to dictate how Congress operates,” the report continued.

    “Mr. Pomerantz must appear for the congressional deposition. No one is above the law,” Judge Vyskocil wrote in an opinion issued after a Manhattan federal court hearing.

    Pomerantz was scheduled to appear Thursday morning for the deposition.

    This month, Bragg filed a lawsuit against Jordan to demand he cease “interfering” with a local prosecution.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    But as quick as he filed his lawsuit a judge for the Southern District of New York refused to even file a temporary restraining order, Mike Davis of The Federalist Society reported. CONTINUE READING…

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