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    Fetterman Posts Goofy Video in Attempt to Debunk Body Double Rumors – But It Doesn’t Do Him Any Good

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    Sen. John Fetterman, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, posted a video to Twitter in response to rumors that he had a body double after being released from the hospital, but the video appears to have done more damage than good.

    Since vying for the Senate, Fetterman has been afflicted with severe health issues. During his 2022 campaign, he suffered a stroke that hindered his ability to campaign actively.

    Despite this challenge, Fetterman ultimately won the contested seat. However, his health issues were far from resolved. Mid-February he was confined to Walter Reed with a clinical depression diagnosis.

    When he was ultimately released on March 24, a photo of his release uploaded by his staff drew a great deal of attention because it appeared to depict someone who looked slightly different from the senator, leading many to believe he had a body double.

    Tuesday, Fetterman took to Twitter to dispel rumors of a body double by publishing a satirical video intended to make the body double claim appear absurd.

    “I’m feeling great, 100 percent,” he said. “During my time, during the hospital, the fringey fringies really came up with a conspiracy that I have a body double.”

    “I just want you that is just crazy. That is not true,” he continued, before the scene cut to another image of Fetterman walking to the door and talking to himself, giving the impression that the body double was the one speaking to the senator.

    It is clear what Fetterman intends to accomplish with this video. He is attempting to make the allegations about the body double appear ridiculous, but the problem is that they exist in the first place.

    In addition, the fragile state of Fetterman’s health leads many individuals to believe that he has a body double in order to conceal his true problems.

    In the video, Fetterman’s terrible mental state is also evident when he says, “During my time, during hospital.”

    “During the hospital”? That is grammatically incorrect. He may have intended to say “during my time in the hospital,” but stumbled over his words.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    Fetterman is not the only politician to be facing questions about his mental fitness for office. President Joe Biden has also faced scrutiny about his mental health in light of the embarrassing gaffes that he keeps making. CONTINUE READING…

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