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    Ex-Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino Says He’s ‘Growing Concerned’ About Trump’s ‘Safety’

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    Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has legitimate concerns about former President Donald Trump following last week’s indictment by Joe Biden’s Justice Department on charges that many legal analysts consider to be politically motivated and dubious.

    “Hard to talk about, but I’m growing concerned about President Trump’s safety,” Bongino noted in a tweet containing a link to an episode of his weekday talk radio show.

    Bongino began by stating that he felt compelled to broach the sensitive topic after reading reports that “Trump may not be present for the election.”

    “Having protected both Democrats and Republicans, protectees and presidents, right? I’m telling you, this guy’s in real danger,” said Bongino, who served as a Secret Service agent from 1999, the end of Bill Clinton’s tenure, to 2011, into Barack Obama’s first term.

    “You’ve got the Iranian threat out there from his actions against the Iranians,” he said. “The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t like him. They don’t want to see him back in power.”

    In addition, a large number of Democrats, including the current administration, appear willing to violate norms and laws to entangle him in legal entanglements or worse.

    “There’s a unique witches’ brew of threats for this guy,” Bongino said.

    Bongino emphasized that his remarks were more mature than those of comedian Kathy Griffin, who mocked Trump’s beheading in 2017 and actor Robert DeNiro, who used phony tough man talk during Trump’s presidency. He also referred to a number of other self-absorbed Hollywood and left-wing figures who made false claims about their willingness to take risks in opposing Trump.

    He is referring to legitimate concerns in the real world, such as Trump not receiving adequate protection from the current Secret Service, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

    “My real concern here is, due to the partisan hatred of Donald Trump, that they may be pressured to not give him the security detail he needs … because they don’t want to make him look presidential, or different than the other candidates,” Bongino noted.

    He added that the persistent and unprecedented denigration of the former president since his first run for office in 2015 could motivate a foreign or domestic threat — or a combination of both — to act against him.

    Given Americans’ mounting concerns that the Justice Department and FBI have become completely politicized by the left, the Secret Service may be one of the few remaining federal agencies that still enjoys some measure of public confidence. However, if an attempt on Trump’s life were successful or came perilously near, this trust would also evaporate.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    For his part, Trump decried his Thursday indictment by the Justice Department during a campaign-style rally in Georgia Saturday afternoon and pledged that if re-elected, he would end what he described as the “weaponization” of federal law enforcement against certain political figures. CONTINUE READING…

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