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    Durham Tears Schiff to Shreds with a Subtle Line That References the Congressman’s Past

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    Wednesday was not a good day for Democratic Representative Adam Schiff of California.

    Former special counsel John Durham put Schiff in his place with a few well-placed remarks during a congressional hearing.

    Schiff, who was the target of a censure resolution in the House on the same day, attempted to assert that Donald Trump Jr. had committed a felony by hosting a meeting at Trump Tower in 2016 during his father’s campaign against Democrat Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

    “Are you aware, Mr. Durham, that Mueller and congressional investigations also revealed that Don Jr. was informed that a Russian official was offering the Trump campaign, quote, ‘very high-level and sensitive information,’ unquote, that would be incriminating of Hillary Clinton and was part of, quote, ‘Russia and its government’s support of Mr. Trump?’ Are you aware of that?” Schiff asked Durham, about the 2:15 mark in the video below.

    “Sure, people get phone calls all the time from individuals who claim to have information like that,” Durham replied.

    “Really? The son of a presidential candidate gets calls all the time from a foreign government offering dirt on their opponent. Is that what you’re saying?” Schiff responded.

    “I don’t think this is unique in your experience,” Durham replied.

    Durham was referring to a degrading incident in which Schiff, a congressman from California, received a prank phone call from Russian comedians.

    As reported by the U.K. Daily Mail in March 2017, the comedians known as Vovan and Lexus posed as a Ukrainian politician and offered Schiff incriminating information on Donald Trump, including alleged nude photos of the president with a Russian reality personality.

    After the prank call, Schiff’s aides engaged in correspondence with the alleged Ukrainian politician in an attempt to acquire the “classified” information that was promised during the call.

    The recording of the hoax call was uploaded to the Internet. It documented Schiff discussing the committee’s investigation into Russia and entertaining increasingly bizarre allegations about Trump.

    Schiff showed signs of taking the conversation seriously.

    “He wrote all what we said on the paper,” Lexus told the Daily Mail in a report published in February 2018. “Remembered all the details.”

    Vovan also revealed to Schiff that the Ukrainians had recorded covert meetings between a Trump campaign aide and a former Russian pop star-turned-spy at a fictitious New York City mafia hangout.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    Emails provided by the comedians show Schiff’s staff discussing the promised material and expressing that the call was “productive,” according to the Daily Mail, although Schiff’s office later claimed to have known the call was bogus. CONTINUE READING…

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