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    Donor to Hillary Clinton Charged After Police Find Disturbing Video Footage

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    Police arrested a donor to failed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after discovering extremely disturbing video footage.

    Themis Matsoukas, 64, a professor of chemical engineering at Penn State University, was arrested and charged with bestiality after perpetrating a sex act with his own dog in Pennsylvania’s Rothrock State Forest, according to reports.

    According to the Centre Daily Times, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources allegedly has video footage dating back to 2014 of someone perpetrating animal sexual abuse.

    According to the report, Matsoukas acted strangely when park rangers arrived at his residence on June 9 to serve an arrest warrant.

    “I’m done, I’m dead, you don’t understand, I do it to blow off steam,” he allegedly told the rangers, according to the report.

    According to the Post-Millennial, the professor reportedly asked the arresting rangers to execute him. “I need to die,” he reportedly stated.

    According to reports, rangers also recovered a number of items allegedly worn by the professor at the time of the alleged assault. According to the Centre Daily Times, he faces misdemeanor accusations of open lewdness, indecent exposure, and sexual intercourse with an animal. Additionally, he faces summary accusations of animal cruelty and disorderly conduct.

    The Western Journal appended the following:

    The Centre Daily Times reports that Matsoukas has taught at Penn State since 1991. As part of his university duties, he has received a number of teaching accolades.

    According to the Post Millennial, Matsoukas has contributed to progressive political candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and John Kerry.

    Penn State officials confirmed that the professor has since been relieved of his duties and assignments. “Themis Matsoukas has been relieved of his responsibilities and is on leave,” a spokesperson for the school said, reports noted.

    Last week, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) indicated that new investigations into Clinton regarding old allegations that she improperly handled classified information could begin soon. Trump, who defeated Clinton in 2016, was charged with similar crimes by the Obama Justice Department.

    During an interview with Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo, Jordan discussed Special Counsel John Durham’s report on the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. Jordan stated that the alleged targeting of former President Donald Trump gives many Americans reason to doubt future elections and government agencies, and he called for the arrest of those responsible.

    “Do you want to see another investigation of Hillary and Bill Clinton? Because in the Durham report, John Durham wrote that while they were pursuing Trump, they made no effort to investigate the claim that Hillary Clinton was taking money from foreigners for her Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation,” Bartiromo asked Jordan.

    “They not only didn’t investigate her like they did President Trump, but they also gave her campaign a defensive briefing!” Jordan replied. “They should have done the same for President Trump because they literally had no evidence.”

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “We’re going to give that a good hard look,” he continued, saying that he would consult with his lawyers and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. “But nothing is off the table because it is critical the American people understand how their government, their agencies have been turned on them, the taxpayer, and we get all the facts out there.” CONTINUE READING…

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