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    Disturbing Biden Video Surfaces: What’s He Doing With These 2 Children?

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    One would presume that President Joe Biden, who has a history of awkwardly close relationships with children, would avoid being photographed entering the Oval Office with a child in each hand.

    But this is Joe Biden, and he appears scarcely conscious, let alone conscious of how it appears to others. Consequently, it’s possible that you’ve seen an additional video footage of the president interacting with two children that has been circulating on social media over the past few days:

    At the beginning of the video, a girl inquires about Biden’s recent journey to Poland. Why don’t you come to my Oval Office office and ask? Biden questions, not understanding what she is saying.

    Then, it appears that a child from behind the camera would like to join, and someone asks on his behalf. The triumvirate is then observed entering the Oval Office.

    “All of the idiots that ignore and/or downplay these things are enabling this behavior. Parents, for the love of God… please keep your young children away from the Big Guy,” a user named “Gain of Fauci” said in a Friday tweet. Another user called it “serious and disturbing.”

    Is it? However, let’s establish the context first. The results of some investigation indicate that this clip is not particularly recent. It actually dates back to April, to the White House’s Take Your Child to Work Day celebration, when nearly everyone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue had an excuse to be around children.

    Polish Radio White House correspondent Marek Wakuski shared the video in its original format. He did not appear to derive any negative inferences from Biden’s interaction with the children:

    Translating this post written in Polish into English, the Twitter user said, “After a surprising invitation to the Oval Office by @‌POTUS Nina is delighted. Biden not only showed photos of his family and talked about his work, but even allowed him to sit at the president’s desk and offered cookies.”

    Although it is unclear who was with the children in the Oval Office or who requested the boy’s entry, it is essential to note that Wakuski has a daughter named Nina. It is unknown who filmed the video or if they were aware of the, um, subtext that some viewers may perceive it to have.

    Nonetheless, the video is emblematic of Biden’s larger pattern, which is why we are even discussing the offensive subtext. A Democratic official’s allegation that he violated her personal space during a Nevada event while he was vice president was one of the first scandals his 2020 presidential campaign had to contend with. The then-candidate issued a non-apology apology in response to the allegation and other embarrassing photos that had accrued over the years, promising to be more respectful of others’ privacy and adapt to the times:

    “You know, social norms have begun to change,” Biden said in the video. “They’ve shifted, and the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset, and I get it. I get it. I hear what they’re saying. I understand it, and I’ll be more mindful.”

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Based on his presidency’s documented social media activity, that appears to be false. CONTINUE READING…

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