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    Dems Enraged After Biden Dismisses Demands for Triggering 14th Ammendment

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    As Congress continues to debate and negotiate the debt limit agreement, the June 1 deadline looms with the attempt to avert an unprecedented national default in limbo.

    Speaker Kevin McCarthy expressed optimism that an agreement was “possible by the weekend” after appointing new negotiators to narrow the discussion and reach a compromise. But no agreement has yet emerged.

    Democrats are enraged that Congress has not once again increased the debt ceiling, while Republicans fight to limit both the debt ceiling and expenditures. Biden National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby stated, “We wouldn’t even be having this discussion about the impact of the debt ceiling debate on the trip if Congress did its job and raised the debt ceiling as they always have.”

    However, Joe Biden wishes to use the Constitution to delay or completely disregard the rising debt ceiling.

    Red State states:

    President of the United States, leader of a significant American political party, rarely instructs its members to “talk to the hand.” However, that just occurred.

    As reported by RedState on Friday morning, the debt ceiling negotiations between Vice President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats and Republicans, which appeared to be progressing quickly on Thursday, have struck what amounts to a massive brick wall. Beginning with the headline “Biden Drives the Country Closer to the Cliff After Debt Ceiling Talks Are Abruptly Ended,” Bonchie nailed it.

    Before quoting the AP’s breaking story about the talks collapsing due to fundamental differences between the participants, he wrote, “Unfortunately, the president suffers from a severe case of pure, unadulterated hubris, which is bringing the nation ever closer to the fiscal cliff.”

    Bonchie continued:

    “McCarthy is not demanding massive spending despite Democrat fear-mongering over the issue. Rather, the big ask is to simply return to 2022 spending levels with a one percent annual growth cap. That would avoid having to slash major programs while putting the country on a path to possibly outgrow the current deficit. Would that be effective anytime soon in solving the problem?”

    Given how much damage the Biden Administration and its cronies at the Federal Reserve have caused to the U.S. economy, Bonchie opined that it was unlikely, but it could “stop the bleeding.”

    As anticipated, Democrats, including Squad leader Hakeem Jeffries, want the President to circumvent Congress to prevent a default. The 14th Amendment states that the “validity of public debt” cannot be questioned, and Democrats wish to use this provision to terminate the negotiations.

    Therefore, they want the White House to disregard the Constitution and invoke the 14th Amendment, stating that the debt ceiling must be raised without any expenditure cuts, regardless of the country’s consequences.

    Now, according to Politico, Joe Biden has essentially told the Democrats to forget about triggering the 14th Amendment:

    “But the White House remains resistant. It issued a subdued statement indicating it sees no reason to pull the plug on talks. And privately, its message has been even blunter.”

    “They have not ruled it out,” said one advisor to the White House, granted anonymity to speak candidly about discussions to Politico. “But it is not currently part of the plan.”

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Biden advisor, David Kamin said that invoking the 14th Amendment might technically avert a default, but would do little to protect the U.S. from the subsequent fallout, Politico continued. “I don’t think we should kid ourselves about the damage that would be imposed on the economy and the credibility of the United States,” he said. “That is not a position the government should be put in.” CONTINUE READING…

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