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    Democrat Blasts Her Own Party, Says Colleagues Are Attempting to Take Her Down Using Bribes

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    A Georgia Democrat is furious with her own party and lashed out at colleagues on Saturday, alleging that they are attempting to eliminate her.

    State Representative Mesha Mainor accused her own party of prioritizing the needs of illegal immigrants over those of black American children, adding on Twitter that she is “a sitting Democrat in the Georgia House of Representatives, and the Democrat Party Establishment is looking to take me out.”

    “I’m tired of hearing certain folks in my party chant Black Lives Matter during Election Years but are NOWHERE to be found any other year,” she added in a post containing a video.

    According to reports, Mainor offended members of her party when she became the only Democrat in the state legislature to support a Republican-led school choice bill supported by Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

    “I support parent choice because some parents have children in schools where their needs are not being met,” she said in an interview with Fox News Digital.

    “Why is no one fighting for young Black minds? Why isn’t that one of the things that we’re fighting for?” Mainor said of her fellow progressives. “I actually say you’re a hypocrite. That’s what I tell them directly. You are being a hypocrite. There are state lawmakers right now where their children are in schools that they’re not even zoned for… They’re lying about their address, state lawmakers, but they won’t vote for this bill.”

    “In my district in particular, we have schools with 3 percent reading proficiency, 3 percent have obtained math proficiency by the eighth grade. And so to say that this is just how it is and that the kid needs to just suffer these consequences, I don’t agree with that. And I don’t think that all parents agree with that either,” she told the outlet.

    School choice has been a topic of heated debate for years, frequently prompting heated arguments. Democrats backed by teachers unions have frequently opposed such measures on the grounds that they divert funds away from public institutions. In the meantime, proponents argue that parents and children should have access to quality educational opportunities and not be penalized for residing in low-performing school districts. Fox News Digital explained that they advocate for providing options that prioritize the best interests of parents and students.

    In addition to supporting school choice, advocates advocate for the expansion of charter schools. In recent years, these institutions in Georgia have experienced significant growth and frequently enroll a majority of minority students. Charter schools are publicly financed, autonomous educational institutions with the ability to accept pupils from outside their immediate area. However, teachers’ unions typically oppose charter schools because their instructors are typically not unionized, the news source noted.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “We should be voting at times just for our district and at times for the entire state of Georgia,” Mainor reasoned. CONTINUE READING…

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