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    Dan Bongino Sets Record Straight After Media Reports He Was Forcibly Thrown Out of Restaurant

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    Sunday, when Politico reported that conservative radio host Dan Bongino was “forcibly removed” from a Florida restaurant, he became the focus of the rumor mill. This is the ideal example of why one should take everything the mainstream media reports with an elephant-sized grain of salt.

    Bongino, who is continually targeted by the left, was removed from a restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida, on Saturday evening, Politico reported in its “Playbook” report on June 25.

    “SPOTTED,” Politico wrote in its report, “conservative media personality and former Fox News host Dan Bongino getting forcibly removed from Cucina Palm Beach by several restaurant employees close to midnight on Friday.”

    Politico provided a link to a photograph depicting the former Fox News host rushing out of the establishment behind several other males.

    “Asked for comment,” Politico added, “Bongino texted Daniel Lippman: ‘That’s an absolutely FASCINATING take on what really happened. Does Politico support physical violence against women? You’ll have to tune in to my podcast on Monday for the real story.’”

    Politico attempted to allude to Bongino’s drinking by stating, “Bongino, who had earlier ordered bottle service at Cucina, did not respond to a follow-up question asking how ‘physical violence against women’ was related to his ejection from a restaurant.” Cucina didn’t respond to a request for comment.”

    Other media outlets quickly picked up on the story and portrayed Bongino as a raging alcoholic who got into a brawl at the restaurant.

    Left-leaning media website Mediaite, for example, boasted, “Conservative firebrand Dan Bongino was photographed over the weekend being ejected from an Italian restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida.”

    Among others, Raw Story claimed “Ex-Fox host Dan Bongino caught being thrown out of Palm Beach restaurant.” And OK Magazine insisted, “Conservative star Dan Bongino seemed to be thrown out of an Italian restaurant in Palm Beach, Fla., over the weekend, according to a news outlet.”

    The Daily Mail was the only news outlet to investigate the story to obtain a more accurate account of what transpired, delaying publication until Bongino spoke publicly. And it comes out that Dan Bongino was never expelled from the restaurant. The restaurant management claimed Bongino’s wife, Paula, was “waiting in the wrong bathroom line” and expelled her.

    Indeed, this explanation makes more sense when viewed in light of the photograph published by Politico’s Lippman, which appears to show Dan standing apart from the person being forced out the door. The photograph does not appear to depict Bongino himself being ejected.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    “Former Fox host Dan Bongino has claimed his wife was dragged out of a glitzy Palm Beach Italian restaurant on Friday night for waiting in the wrong line for the restroom,” the Mail reported. CONTINUE READING…

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