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    COVID-19 Created In Wuhan Lab Through Classified Bioweapons Program: US Investigators

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    While the US Government has not conducted an official investigation into the origins of the COIVD catastrophe that halted the world and harmed humanity, media reports are connecting the dots between several statements from leading scientists from around the world and independent investigations into what appears to be the cause of this epic catastrophe.

    According to the Sunday Times, researchers in Wuhan, China, working with the Chinese military, were genetically manipulating the world’s deadliest coronaviruses to create a new mutant virus right around the time that the Covid-19 pandemic began, they wrote, citing documents, “Including previously confidential reports, internal memos, scientific papers and email correspondence that has been obtained through sources or by freedom of information campaigners in the three years since the pandemic started.”

    Zero Hedge has a lengthy article covering the details of the newest report, and there added, “the Times also interviewed the US State Department investigators, including experts specializing in China, emerging pandemic threats and biowarfare – who conducted what the outlet describes as the first significant US inquiry into the origins of the Covid-19 outbreak.”

    “[O]ur new investigation paints the clearest picture yet of what happened in the Wuhan laboratory,” Zerohedge quoted the State Department as saying.

    According to the reports, a British-born zoologist and founder of a New York-based nonprofit was first involved in this bizarre research on the 2003 Sars virus through ‘increasingly risky experiments on coronaviruses’ collected from bat caves in southern China.

    Microbiologist Richard Ebright of Rutgers University described the experiments as “by far the most reckless and dangerous research on coronaviruses — or on any viruses — known to have been conducted at any time or in any location.”

    Sunday Times writes that initially, the research group made its findings public and argued that the associated risks of their experiments were justified because the work could help scientists develop vaccines. However, in 2016, researchers discovered a new type of coronavirus in a mineshaft in Mojiang, Yunnan province, where people had died of symptoms similar to those of Sars.

    According to the report, as people were investigating the 2016 deaths found that, “The trail of papers starts to go dark,” according to one US investigator who was quoted in the Sunday Times article.

    “That’s exactly when the classified programme kicked off. My view is that the reason Mojiang was covered up was due to military secrecy related to [the army’s] pursuit of dual use capabilities in virological biological weapons and vaccines.”

    “It has become increasingly clear that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was involved in the creation, promulgation and cover-up of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said one of the investigators, who found evidence that researchers working on said experiments were hospitalized in November 2019 with Covid-like symptoms, just one month before the West became aware of the pandemic. One of the victims’ relatives died as well.

    “We were rock-solid confident that this was likely Covid-19 because they were working on advanced coronavirus research in the laboratory. They’re trained biologists in their thirties and forties. Thirty-five-year-old scientists don’t get very sick with influenza,” said an investigator.

    “I interviewed scientists in Asia who have close relationships with the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” said one of the investigators in the report. They said they had evidence that the WIV was also working on a Covid-19 vaccine before the pandemic. “They told me it is their belief that there was vaccine research going on in the fall of 2019 pertinent to Covid-19 vaccination.”

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Zero Hedge added that Professor Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina (UNC) was involved and used his experience as a pioneer in cutting-edge experiments with new gene technology. CONTINUE READING…

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