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    CNN CEO Chris Licht Cedes Business Operations, Report

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    For a long time, CNN has struggled as viewers have flocked to other networks for their news coverage. However, one of the most significant organizational changes in the company’s history has altered the game.

    CNN CEO Chris Licht is rumored to be relinquishing his position as director of business operations, Puck News reported, as the network’s ratings continue to decline and as a result of an unfavorable article about him in The Atlantic, which claimed that network employees no longer had faith in him.

    According to the report, the position will be filled by David Leavy, the chief corporate affairs officer at Warner Bros. Discovery.

    “In the last 48 hours, it has become clear, based on conversations with well-placed sources, that Zaslav’s once steadfast support has wavered considerably. On Wednesday, Licht informed his direct reports that he would be ceding control of all business operations to David Leavy, the chief corporate affairs officer at Warner Bros. Discovery and a longtime member of the Zaslav brain trust. The move, which Licht characterized as his own decision, was in fact an unequivocal vote of diminishing confidence by the parent co in Licht’s ability to manage a business that has endured substantial ratings declines, revenue losses, and reputational damage since he took over,” the report said..

    The announcement was made after Mediate reported that Leavy would be joining CNN as COO.

    “There’s no way they would put David Leavy down into CNN to work for Chris Licht,” an industry insider said to Mediaite. “He’s too important to Zaslav to take what on paper sounds like a demotion. It sure sounds like he’s taking one for the team.”

    “The official corporate line is that Leavy’s appointment will allow Licht to focus on programming and editorial strategy while Leavy manages the P&L, operational logistics, and marketing and P.R.—and that much is true,” Puck said in its report. “But while Leavy will officially report up to Licht, the new org chart belies the true nature of his position.”

    CNN is not the only network experiencing transformation.

    Since Tucker Carlson’s dismissal, Fox News continues to disintegrate and has terminated another of its programs.

    As part of this transition, the network has canceled “The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton,” according to a press release issued by Fox Media and reported by Business Insider.

    “The Next Revolution will end its 9 PM/ET Sunday run, as Steve Hilton steps back from hosting a weekly show to focus on his new California non-partisan policy organization launching next week. Hilton will remain a contributor across all FOX News Media platforms while Trey Gowdy’s Sunday Night in America will move to 9PM/ET,” the network said in the press release.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “We are excited to launch a new dynamic weekend line-up that will further solidify our position as the number one cable news network for more than two decades. We thank Steve Hilton for his show’s contributions and look forward to continuing to feature his valuable insights across our daytime and primetime programming,” Senior Vice President of The Five & Weekend Programming Megan Albano said. CONTINUE READING…

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