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    Clinton Appointee Denies Trump’s Request

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    Following Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s opening of the floodgates in recent weeks, numerous cases against former President Donald Trump continue to flow in. Regardless of the veracity of their claims against him, it appears that everyone wants a piece of the proverbial pie by claiming to be a part of the coordinated effort to take Trump out of the race and American politics for good — or at least to thoroughly drag his name through the mud, ensuring he leaves a public legacy of dishonor.

    Monday, a federal judge in New York denied former President Donald Trump’s request to delay the trial in the case filed by former Elle columnist E. Jean Carroll, who accuses Trump of battery and defamatory defamation.

    After being indicted in Manhattan last month, Trump requested a postponement of his trial due to the intense media coverage and the need for a “cooling off” period. Sadly, the judge presiding over that case disagreed with him and persisted on proceeding despite his legitimate concern.

    After all, media coverage is a component of the prize in this instance, which aims to infamy Trump and any other political opponents of the establishment.

    US District Judge Lewis Kaplan, a senior judge in the Southern District of New York who was appointed by Bill Clinton in 1994, denied Trump’s request to postpone the April 25 trial.

    In denying his motion to delay, Kaplan stated, “There is no justification for an adjournment. This case is entirely unrelated to the state prosecution.”

    “Developments in at least one of these matters, as well as actions and statements by Mr. Trump in relation to any, may well give rise to intense publicity that, in some respects, Mr. Trump might claim to be prejudicial in this case,” Kaplan noted. “Mr. Trump’s suggestion that a one-month trial postponement, in this case, would ensure the absence of any such developments in the period immediately preceding jury selection is not realistic.”

    According to recent revelations, Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn and a significant Democratic donor, funded Carroll’s lawsuit against Trump in secret, court documents filed on Thursday revealed.

    In a heated exchange between Carroll’s counsel and Trump’s, who were debating the postponement of the trial, the most recent revelations regarding Carroll’s alleged crucial funding for the case were disclosed.

    Hoffman’s financial support may or may not have a significant impact on the case’s outcome, but Trump’s claims that wealthy Democrats are conspiring against him will likely be strengthened by the disclosure of the previously undisclosed funding, according to the outlet.

    Hoffman, the founder of the professional social network LinkedIn, is one of the most prominent Silicon Valley businesspeople. In addition, he is one of the largest Democratic donors who is presumed to be committed to weakening Trump’s grip on the Republican Party. According to Vox, Hoffman’s opposition to Trump’s policies has impacted his friendship with PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, who is now funding conservative causes and candidates.

    In the 1990s, Carroll alleges Trump of committing a sexual assault on her in the dressing room of an upscale Manhattan department store. The Daily Beast reports that Trump dubbed her a liar from the White House after she published a memoir detailing her experience. Carroll’s defamation lawsuit against the former president has been mired in legal purgatory for nearly four years.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Carroll filed a new lawsuit seeking a trial after the New York Legislature passed a new rape survivor law, which extended the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits. It could result in monetary compensation for Carroll, but more importantly, it could label the powerful real estate magnate seeking a second presidential term as a rapist. CONTINUE READING…

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