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    CBS Headline During Biden’s Live Speech Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

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    I’m not typically one to hold out hope for the future predictions of CBS News, but I’ll make an exception in this instance.

    Friday at Camp David in Maryland, Vice President Joe Biden conferred with the leaders of Japan and South Korea. According to Reuters, the summit aimed to demonstrate a united front against Beijing and its allies, including a joint condemnation of China’s “dangerous and aggressive behavior” in the South China Sea.

    CNN reports that Biden used the occasion to highlight the role played by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol in containing Beijing.

    “Your leadership, with the full support of the United States, has brought us here, because each of you understands that our world stands at an inflection point — a point where we’re called to lead in new ways, to work together, to stand together – and today, I’m proud to say our nations are answering that call,” Biden said.

    Nevertheless, according to a, shall we say, distracted social media copy editor at CBS News, Biden may not be answering the phone for much longer — if he is answering the phone at all at the moment.

    Yes, that’s right: “Former President Biden holds news conference at Camp David with leaders of Japan and South Korea.” Oops.

    Obviously, Twitter users had a good time with this one:

    However, while it may have been an error, it’s not a particularly terrible prediction of what the case may be in approximately a year and a half. (Assuming, of course, that Biden survives that long, which, God willing, he will, but we shouldn’t ignore the situation’s actuarial realities.)

    No matter how rosy a picture Biden and his associates portray of his performance as vice president, Americans simply do not see it.

    The most recent negative news comes from an AP/NORC survey conducted from August 10 to 14. According to Axios, only 36% of the 1,165 adults polled approved of his handling of the economy, while 42% approved of his handling of foreign policy issues.

    Among Republicans, these numbers were catastrophic, with 8% approving of his economic performance and 10% approving of his work on foreign policy issues.

    “While Biden is the Democratic presidential frontrunner for the 2024 contest, most Americans do not want to see him run — even if most Democrats would ultimately vote for him, poll results found,” Axios reported.

    “The approval ratings from the latest poll published Thursday are similar to those earlier this summer — but remain a significant drop from the start of his term.”

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    A CNN poll released earlier in the month, meanwhile, found Biden trailing congressional Republicans in approval on all “major issues” by a 45-54 percent margin. CONTINUE READING…

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