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    Carlson Offered $100 Million, CEO Position, with New Media Company

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    The majority of media industry analysts predicted that a rival network would soon make a substantial offer to former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, and they were correct.

    Valuetainment CEO Patrick Bet-David, a right-leaning “new media” network, offered Tucker Carlson $100 million over five years and the position of president of content, according to multiple reports published on Tuesday.

    Here’s the letter:

    Dear Tucker,

    I’ll get right to the point.

    We want you to partner with us in what we feel is a noble and necessary effort to define the future of media.

    Here’s our offer:

    $100M over 5 years.

    An equity stake in Valuetainment

    President of Valuetainment and a board seat to project your strategic vision and voice.

    Your own podcast(s) and other daily/weekly shows.

    Documentaries and movies covering topics you care about.

    What else? We are all ears.

    Our convictions about freedom, liberty, and truth run deep and we believe we are the absolute right fit for you and America.

    While we may not be the biggest media company, we are a new media leader driving into the future to make truth, fair debate, and commentary more accessible, consumable, and protected.

    We are 100% serious about our offer.


    Patrick Bet-David


    Bet-David reportedly first announced his intention to offer Carlson a mega-deal on Tuesday’s episode of The Megyn Kelly Show. Kelly tweeted her support for Carlson’s prospective partnership with the conservative startup.

    “I believe Tucker’s voice is one of the most necessary voices in America,” Bet-David told Kelly, adding that “the world needs to hear that voice.”

    He continued by stating that other media companies were likely making larger, but not superior, offers to Carlson.

    “We may not be the biggest … but if you want to team up with somebody that’s got the vision in place, the cause in place, and [is] a true believer on how great of a country America is that is worth fighting for — and the fight is a real fight because the enemy is real — we feel we’re the right fit to partner with somebody like Tucker Carlson,” he said.

    Valuetainment stated in a statement that it provides a platform for Carlson to “speak freely and honestly to the American people,” adding that it has more than 4 million YouTube subscribers and more than 10 million Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter followers.

    Additionally, the statement highlighted the extremely unique circumstances surrounding Carlson’s situation at Fox News.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “There seems to be no one in the history of television that has left a network as the top dog with no valid reason explained,” the statement noted. CONTINUE READING…

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