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    Camera Captures Major Detail at End of Tucker’s Show: ‘The Guy Is a One-of-a-Kind Genius’

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    The fact that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s new online program “Tucker on Twitter” has received more than 70 million views in less than 24 hours should not come as a surprise to former CNN host Brian Stelter, whose sour grapes have become even more pronounced.

    Since numbers don’t deceive, Stelter had to find another way to ridicule the groundbreaking broadcast, which some conservatives claim “broke the media matrix.”

    Stelter picked up on the fact that Tucker was using a teleprompter controller to run his own prompter while on the show, tweeting, “Notice his right hand in the wide shot: He’s using a TelePrompTer controller to run the prompter himself.”

    While Stelter’s remark was insightful, it did not have the intended effect. His snide remark was likely intended to draw attention to the fact that Tucker has a small crew and budget for this new endeavor, in contrast to his days on Fox’s well-produced “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

    What he may not have realized is that “Tucker on Twitter” is not like one of the tightly controlled productions of a major network, and that is precisely the point.

    It’s what Tucker wants.

    It’s what we all want.

    As Brandon Strake put it, “The guy is a one-of-a-kind genius.”

    A savant who comprehends the desires of the American people.

    Fox News’s meteoric rise since its founding in 1996 is largely attributable to the fact that it filled a void by providing “fair and balanced” journalism without the liberal agenda.

    Sadly, the network succumbed to the pressures of the corporate world over time, producing news programs that were increasingly rigidly controlled by media executives and influenced by advertisers.

    Tucker provided us with what conservative audiences have always desired.

    The straightforward truth and the respect of those who bring us the news so that we may form our own opinions. Nothing further.

    More on this story via The Western Journal:

    Conservative political commentator, Benny Johnson, explained the genius behind Tucker’s new format perfectly. “Tucker broke the corporate media monopoly matrix tonight & it’s never coming back, ” he tweeted. “Tucker uploaded a 10 min monologue. No ads or interruptions. No pricy subscriptions. Watch on demand. The result? – 17M views – 90K RTs – 25K comments In under 180 mins We are the media now.” CONTINUE READING…

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