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    Boebert Puts Biden On Blast: ‘You’re Known For Sniffing Little Girls’ Hair’

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    It was hilarious when Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert punched President Joe Biden below the belt after he addressed a group of pupils.

    “I may be among the dullest Presidents in the world because I’m known for two things: my Ray-Ban sunglasses and chocolate chip ice cream,” the president said.

    However, the congresswoman was able to think of two more characteristics for which the president is known.

    “No, you’re known for creepily sniffing little girls’ hair and for being a reoccurring character in Ashley Biden’s diary,” she said.

    The congresswoman from Colorado never minces words, and earlier this month she blasted Democrats for their unprecedented attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

    Democrats have escalated their war against Justice Thomas, pleading with Chief Justice John Roberts to intervene as some party members debate impeachment and others demand Thomas’ resignation.

    16 congressional Democrats have asked Roberts to investigate Thomas for accepting luxury trips from a prominent Republican donor for more than two decades, excursions that he was not required to report under the current rules and regulations.

    “The Left will endlessly attack a patriot like Justice Clarence Thomas but say nothing as George Soros’ son visits the White House on what is essentially a monthly basis,” Boebert tweeted

    According to Boebert, the George Soros family is deeply entrenched in the Biden administration. Since Joe Biden assumed office, Soros’s son has visited White House officials 14 times.

    Alexander Soros, a major Democrat donor who brags about his relationships with foreign leaders as if he obtained them on his own, has met with more than a dozen White House officials in the past two years.

    ProPublica reported last week that Republican donor and billionaire Harlan Crow provided Justice Thomas with luxury travel for years.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “Eight senators and eight representatives sent Roberts a letter on Friday to urge him to initiate an investigation into any unethical and ‘potentially unlawful’ conduct that Thomas might have committed. The letter states that the court has ‘barely acknowledged’ the allegations so far,” The Hill reported. CONTINUE READING…

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