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    Biden Pays For Being A Perv After Getting Too Handsy with Ambassador’s Wife

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    President Joe Biden carries a certain air of unease.

    This has nothing to do with allegations of bribery, his failure to recognize his granddaughter (although he was recently shamed into doing so), any of his terrible policy decisions, or his apparent enthusiasm to weaponize the Department of Justice.

    Let’s pretend for the purposes of this argument that the 80-year-old president was genuinely a Boy Scout who would never accept a penny from, say, a Ukrainian energy corporation. Additionally, let’s pretend that he is a kind and caring grandfather, that “Bidenomics” is superior to “Reaganomics,” and that he would never, ever use the DOJ to imprison his main political adversary.

    If you remove everything from the picture, what remains? Simply an elderly individual with no self-awareness.

    This regrettable narrative comes from former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown, who also served as ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa for former president Donald Trump.

    On a “Burn Barrel” podcast, Brown recounted the all-too-familiar tale of how then-Vice President Biden met his wife and became a bit too physical for his taste.

    “When you got sworn in as senator, was he, like, hair-sniffing [your wife] Gail or handsy with Gail, or did I imagine that?” host Tom Shattuck asked.

    “Yeah, I told him I’d kick the s*** out…” Brown said, trailing off a bit after the conversation turned PG-13. “I told him to stop, so yes.”

    When prodded for additional details, Brown dismissed the claim as “old news.”

    “He didn’t act the way I thought he should, and, you know, we called him on it,” he said. “And, you know, that’s it.”

    What transpired between Biden and Brown’s wife is indeed “old news” at this point. This would have occurred in 2010. To be fair to Biden, this is just one viewpoint on the issue.

    To be fair, however, Biden’s past actions and statements render this claim absolutely credible.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    And yeah, it’s not just the strange nibbling or the sniffing of hair that gives Biden the impression of being such a lecherous monster. CONTINUE READING…

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