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    Biden Gives Three Alarming Answers to Reporters’ Questions At Cabinet Meeting

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    Joe Biden met with his cabinet on Tuesday. Three queries were posed to the president as his aides attempted to shout over the media and usher them out of the room.

    Even for Joe Biden, who is notorious for fumbling over his words and movements, his responses were peculiar.

    What message would he convey to Russia over the explosion at the dam in Ukraine? His answer? “We’re going to help Ukraine; we’re not leaving.”

    A correspondent questioned why, given that D-Day was such an important historical event for the American people, he had not issued an official statement on the occasion of its anniversary. Biden stated, “It’s on the way.

    Then they queried him about the previously reported PGA/Live combination. His response? I intend to become a PGA.”

    After his response regarding Ukraine, some individuals questioned whether he was admitting we were in Ukraine. What was he even saying?

    His other responses, however, were much stranger.

    On June 6, at roughly 2:00 pm, Biden responded to D-Day. It was already half past noon when he finally said, “It’s coming.” What in the world is going through this man’s head? Evidently not much because it is just a confusing mess.

    Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich tweeted later, just before 6 p.m. EDT, that he had ultimately issued an official statement.

    Heinrich noted that the previous year, after missing the deadline for the second consecutive year, he did not begin writing until 9 p.m. EST.

    Biden was able to issue his proclamation for “Pride Month” on May 31, the day before the official start of the month. He kept it foremost in his consciousness, which encapsulates Biden’s priorities.

    Nevertheless, the concluding remark was possibly the most peculiar. Here is a more audible example of his response, so you can comprehend everything he says.

    Joe Biden declared, while presumably imitating a golf swing, “I plan on being a PGA.” What even does he mean exactly?

    Townhall’s Spencer Brown observed that he appeared to affiliate with a golf league.

    Is this the president’s new pronoun?

    But the true question here is whether or not Biden even comprehended the request. Remember how the president and Democrats screamed about the Saudis’ role in the death of Jamal Khashoggi and how he claimed to have called Mohammed bin Salman a criminal in front of him last year? The possibility of Saudi influence on the PGA no longer concerns him in the least? What occurred, what changed his mind?

    Add to that John Kirby’s peculiar response as National Security Council spokesperson.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    Does the Biden administration have any concerns about the PGA/LIV Golf merger working with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF)? a reporter inquired. CONTINUE READING…

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