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    Biden Gets Hilarious Description Upon Receiving Honorary Degree From Howard U

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    When it comes to Democrats and the actual world, it appears that we are living in two increasingly distinct universes.

    They cannot define a woman and even deny biology. A man is a woman if and only if he proclaims it to be so in their “reality.”

    Inflation and border disasters do not exist in this universe. The border is “secure” and Joe Biden has created the strongest economy in years. Due to inflation, Joe is increasing our monthly expenses by several hundred dollars. Ignore this fact.

    This is the primary reason for his low approval rating. Even if Biden’s supporters disagree, the majority of Americans support Hillary Clinton. The majority of Americans do not want him to run again due to the negative influence he has had on everything.

    Therefore, Biden is desperately attempting to reinvent himself as a candidate who merits everyone’s vote.

    Given the decline in his support among African-Americans, he went to Howard University and delivered the commencement address in an endeavor to secure 2024 votes. Even Elon Musk had to comment on how divisive and condescending Biden’s speech was when he mentioned “sinister forces.”

    I wanted to give you a great chuckle for Mother’s Day with a little more from that Howard event and reveal a little more about the nature of the divide with the left.

    Joe Biden was presented with an honorary degree on Saturday at Howard University, where he spoke. This occurs frequently when politicians deliver commencement speeches on college campuses. It was odd what people said about him after he received the degree.

    Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, president of the university, praised the president. Frederick has accomplished much by becoming a physician and even a cancer surgeon. By age 22, he had obtained his M.D. He is not a fragile person. Everything he said about Biden, however, was complete fiction. I was almost convinced that he was mocking him because no one could possibly accept this garbage.

    Frederick praised Biden, labeling him a “revered statesman,” a “committed champion of justice,” a “gracious guardian of humanity,” and a “noble patron of peace.”

    “You stand in truth, power, integrity, and are blessed in the glory of God,” he said, dubbing him “number one in the global state.” He referred to Biden as a “magnificent commander in chief” who is “expertly leading America in making monumental innovations and passing legislation to improve the quality of life for all.” Biden, according to Frederick, “stood firm and focused in achieving productive results and significant solutions, born of a sincere desire to leave an awesome legacy for our beloved nation.”

    He continued in a humorous manner, “Admired for his sound analytical intellect and open embrace of all, your popularity on both sides of the aisle in the United States led to your illustrious reputation and outstanding service as a Democratic senator from Delaware beginning at age 29.”

    About halfway through the accolades, you can see Biden move and smile, perhaps barely restraining himself from chuckling because he knows it’s all nonsense. Excellent analytical skills? Support from both sides of the political aisle? Even the majority of Democrats did not want him to run again, as he was never recognized for his intellect during the 1988 election, but rather for his propensity for gaffes and plagiarism. This explains why the sales pitch is so ridiculous. Those who support him do not view him with such admiration.


    Former President Obama himself issued a warning about Joe. It is indeed that awful.

    Politico reported “Former FBI Director James Comey recalled in his book that “Obama would have a series of exchanges heading a conversation very clearly and crisply in Direction A. Then, at some point, Biden would jump in with, ‘Can I ask something, Mr. President?’”

    Comey continued: “Obama would politely agree, but something in his expression suggested he knew full well that for the next five or 10 minutes we would all be heading in Direction Z. After listening and patiently waiting, President Obama would then bring the conversation back on course.”

    The outlet continued, touching on the 2020 election: “Anonymously sourced quotes from Obama kept appearing through the race. One Democrat who spoke to Obama recalled the former president warning, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.””

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    The left-leaning Politico even dove into Biden’s “intellectual” side. CONTINUE READING…

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