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    Bartiromo To MTG: If Allegations Are True, Why Hasn’t Joe Biden Been Impeached?

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    Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Arizona Republican Representative Andy Biggs discussed claims by some legislators that a Burisma executive who allegedly paid then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden kept 17 audio recordings of their conversations.

    During an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Maria Bartiromo asked Greene and Biggs, both members of the Oversight Committee, why they haven’t initiated impeachment proceedings against Biden if their allegations regarding his family’s business dealings are true.

    “I think impeachment is fully in order,” Greene said. “I don’t know why our conference hasn’t moved there yet, because the American people are. And, as far as evidence, we have evidence. We have bank records, tons of them, that show the Biden family, Hunter, all kinds of family members, even grandchildren being paid millions and millions of dollars from all these foreign countries that we know they have no business to prove that they’re producing a product or a service to be making all this money.”

    “I’m where Marjorie is, Joe Biden should be impeached,” Biggs added.

    “It is the biggest political scandal any of us have ever seen. So that’s why I want to get back to these tapes for a moment because you just said that there are 15 recordings of Hunter Biden and two of Joe Biden. Andy Biggs, look, obviously, we need evidence. We have been talking about this for a long time. So far, the evidence has been bank records. Where are these tapes?” Bartiromo asked.

    Biggs responded: “Well, we don’t know. The oligarch kept the tapes for his own protection. The reason he did — and he said it in the — in his 1023 statements that he was giving. He said, I’m doing this so that it’ll take 10 years to link me to Joe Biden. And he’s doing it for his own protection. And don’t forget that he also said he felt coerced. So he is — he’s got the evidence. He’s just been loath and been afraid to disclose those to us, because I’m just telling you, there’s some really bad guys, not just in the U.S., but in other areas of the country — in the world that would like to get their hands on these tapes and the oligarch himself probably.”

    Bartiromo jumped in and asked: “Well, hold on. Marjorie, if this is all true, why hasn’t Joe Biden been impeached?”

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    “Well, I’m going to tell you right now, Maria, that’s where I’m at. I think impeachment is fully in order. The American people agree with impeachment. Every single poll I see, over half the country believes Joe Biden has committed crimes while he’s held office. Impeachment is our tool to fire people that are corrupt, that are criminals, and that are doing things wrong while they hold public office. I’m all for impeachment,” Greene said. CONTINUE READING…

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