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    Ban On Lightbulbs Starts This Week

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    On Tuesday, the Biden Administration will begin phasing out incandescent light bulbs in favor of energy-efficient bulbs, a year after attempting to do so but being blocked by the administration of former President Donald Trump.

    A new minimum requirement for light bulbs of 45 lumens per watt, an enhancement over the average of 12 to 18 lumens per watt for incandescent bulbs, was adopted by the Department of Energy last year and will take effect on August 1.

    Below 45 lumens, it will be unlawful to sell any light bulb.

    Although homeowners will not be required to stop using existing bulbs that do not meet the new standard, retailers will be prohibited from selling any bulbs, including conventional bulbs, that do not meet the new requirement.

    According to the department, environmentally friendly bulbs, such as LEDs, consume at least 75% less energy and can last up to twenty-five times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, so the decision was made to conserve energy and “help consumers save money on their energy bills.”

    The Energy Independence and Security Act, proposed by former president George W. Bush in 2007 to gradually phase out less efficient bulbs, stipulated that household light bulbs have “about 25% greater efficiency,” but it did not explicitly ban incandescent bulbs, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

    By adding two new requirements to the act in 2017, former president Barack Obama effectively phased out incandescent and other specialized light bulbs; the moratorium would have taken effect in January 2020.

    As a result of Trump’s opposition to them and other environmental laws during his presidency, the Department of Energy discontinued the requirements in 2019. Trump asserted that Americans are “forced to use” energy-efficient light bulbs.

    Trump infamously quipped that newer light bulbs made him appear “orange.” Many in the mainstream media falsely reported that this was the primary reason he wanted the antiquated light bulbs to remain.

    In August 2020, Trump addressed employees at a Whirlpool factory in Ohio.

    In addition, I recalled the previous light bulb. The former light bulb was so superior that it was discontinued. It was significantly less expensive and had significantly superior lighting. You are all attractive, but you look better under the old light bulb than under that awful new one, right?

    Just a fraction of the price. It lasted less time, but that’s okay. But you only paid a small amount.

    I reestablished and reopened it so that they may sell both. If you desire the new one, they can sell it to you. And the previous one can be sold. The former one is doing incredible, incredible business.

    And you are aware that the new one is hazardous waste. When you lose something, you are required to transport it to a particular dump. How many individuals will do this with a light bulb?

    We’ve actually lost this light source. To get clear of it, let’s travel 28 miles outside of the city. It is dangerous refuse.

    So I reinserted the old bulb. And the new one can be used. You may employ anything. It must be competition.

    But I especially like it because I no longer appear as orange. Thus, it’s quite lovely.

    Quite lovely. I do not wish to gaze; I dislike that appearance. I disliked it.

    More on this story via The Republic Brief:

    According to the Department of Energy, utilizing energy-efficient bulbs for an entire year is going to save Americans $3 billion in total on power costs. Not everyone is on board with the move to force Americans to pay for the much-more-expensive bulbs, though. CONTINUE READING…

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