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    Alvin Bragg Caves, Will Allow Former Prosecutor To Testify To Jordan’s Committee

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    After receiving a rebuke from a federal judge, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has capitulated to Republican Representative Jim Jordan.

    ABC News reported that the district attorney prosecuting former President Donald Trump for the alleged payment of hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels has abandoned his appeal of the judge’s decision and will allow former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz to testify before Jordan’s committee.

    Friday night, Bragg’s office announced that they had reached an accord with the committee, prompting the dismissal of the appeal.

    “Our successful stay of this subpoena blocked the immediate deposition and afforded us the time necessary to coordinate with the House Judiciary Committee on an agreement that protects the District Attorney’s privileges and interests. We are pleased with this resolution, which ensures any questioning of our former employee will take place in the presence of our General Counsel on a reasonable, agreed upon timeframe,” a spokesperson for his office said.

    A representative from Rep. Jordan’s office also confirmed the parties’ agreement.

    “This evening, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office withdrew its appeal in Bragg v. Jordan. Mr. Pomerantz’s deposition will go forward on May 12, and we look forward to his appearance,” spokesman Russell Dye said.

    This week, a federal judge denied Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s request to prevent a former prosecutor from testifying about the criminal case against former President Donald Trump before the House Judiciary Committee.

    “The committee and its chairman, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), had subpoenaed ex-assistant district attorney Mark Pomerantz to give testimony about the DA’s investigation into Trump, 76, that culminated in the former president’s indictment in March. Bragg filed suit against Jordan and the Judiciary Committee, claiming the subpoena was an overreach by the GOP-led House and an attempt to influence a state criminal proceeding,” the New York Post reported. “But Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil found the subpoena was issued with a valid legislative purpose and that it was not the role of the federal judiciary to dictate how Congress operates.”

    “Mr. Pomerantz must appear for the congressional deposition. No one is above the law,” Judge Vyskocil wrote in an opinion issued after a Manhattan federal court hearing.

    Pomerantz is scheduled to appear Thursday morning for the deposition, unless Bragg’s office obtains a postponement from a federal appeals court.

    This month, Bragg filed a lawsuit against Jordan to demand he cease “interfering” with a local prosecution.

    Mike Davis of The Federalist Society reported that a judge for the Southern District of New York refused to even file a temporary restraining order as quickly as he filed his petition.

    “Soros-funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s (frivolous) lawsuit against House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan is already off to a bad start for Bragg: The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York declined to even enter a temporary restraining order,” he said, showing a screenshot of the decision.

    “Summary of Soros-funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s (frivolous) legal argument: Congress is interfering in Bragg’s misuse of federal funds and misuse of federal law to politically interfere in the next presidential election,” he said.

    In his lawsuit, Bragg claimed that Jordan and the committee are conducting an intimidation campaign in response to the indictment.

    More on this story via Conservative Brief:

    The D.A. said he’s taking legal action “in response to an unprecedently brazen and unconstitutional attack by members of Congress on an ongoing New York State criminal prosecution and investigation of” Trump, Fox News reported. CONTINUE READING…

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